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4 levels of stretching your back and shoulder

A very simple rule... Move your body to have a positive impact on your mood 🧠💙

You have to take action first…

Something we must all do regulalry even on those days we have 0 motivation. Without moving our body we become unfulfiled, and when we are unfulfiled we begin to struggle.

Move your body how ever suits you best ✨

🟢 Find video 4 poses here:

❗️These variations might be hard to do for beginners

But great for those who have been practicing yoga regularly for at least 3 months or are well-trained.

There should be no painful sensations in any position. ❗️

1 and 2 levels: Ensure your legs are engaged, and knees are pulled up.

3 level: try to touch wall with the chest

4 level: Contract your glutes strongly, don’t go too far, do it gently and within your capacity.

Enjoy the possibilities of your body! 💫 And if these poses seem challenging for now, you can find more accessible variations on the profile. ❤️ @iamolgaoleksiuk

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