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Dealing with Conflict at Work

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Learn practical ways to resolve disagreements and how to deal with conflict at work.

Conflict is a part of working life that everyone experiences. Whether it's a clash with a colleague, customer, supplier, or even your boss, disagreements are natural when people with different ideas and needs come together.

The issue isn't the conflict itself, but how people deal with it. David W. Johnson outlines five common ways people handle conflicts.

Identify your go-to style and recognize how others approach conflicts:

🔹The Turtle

Turtles steer clear of conflicts. They either leave the situation or mentally check out. This often leads to no one getting what they want, but it can work for minor issues.

🔹The Teddy Bear

Teddy bears give in to avoid conflicts and keep relationships intact. They let others have their way, even if it means they lose out. While it can be useful occasionally, constant yielding might lead to frustration.

🔹The Shark

Sharks tackle conflicts head-on, often using strong words or manipulation. Their goal is a clear win, even if it means the other person loses.

🔹The Fox

Foxes aim for middle ground, where both parties give up something to reach an agreement. It's a balanced approach, but both sides still have to make sacrifices.

🔹The Owl

Owls work together to find solutions that benefit everyone, creating a win-win situation. While it's ideal, it takes time and effort, making it best suited for important issues.

Regardless of your style, the aim is to win more often than not.

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