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3 morning habits to help you be happier and more productive at work, according to psychologists

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Morning Routines for a Happier and More Productive Day, Backed by Psychologists

The importance of a morning routine in shaping a successful life is a well-established concept endorsed by scientists and CEOs alike. While the idea of an early morning ritual is often associated with intense workouts or serene coffee moments, the challenge lies in overcoming the temptation to hit the snooze button.

For those seeking guidance on cultivating a pre-work morning routine, psychologists recommend the following three practices:

1. Set an Intention for the Day:

Starting your day with a traditional to-do list may inadvertently induce stress, warns psychologist Jessica Jackson. Instead, she advises beginning the day with an intention meditation. Spend a few quiet moments, take deep breaths, and choose a single word or sentence to serve as your "north star" for the day. This approach fosters a positive mindset without plunging into the immediate stress of task-oriented thinking.

2. Choose an Offline Ritual and Stick with It:

Unplugging from technology in the morning provides a mental reboot. Psychologist Debbie Sorensen suggests steering clear of phones and computers upon waking to avoid unnecessary stress triggers. Engage in a relaxing, offline activity that sets a grounded and recharged tone for the day. Sorensen personally enjoys reading with her child or sipping coffee before the hustle begins, emphasizing the sustained energy and stress reduction it provides.

3. Make Mornings Fun:

Incorporating fun into your morning routine is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of overall wellness, notes industrial psychologist Laura Pendergrass. Identify a small activity that brings joy, whether it's a quick dance party or a morning call with a funny friend. Pendergrass, for instance, boosts her mood by watching uplifting nature documentaries. Recognizing fun as a form of self-care, she emphasizes its importance alongside other wellness practices.

In your pursuit of a more fulfilling morning routine, consider these expert-backed practices to infuse positivity, mindfulness, and laughter into the early hours of your day. By incorporating these habits, you can elevate not only your mood but also your overall productivity at work.

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